Book Release: An Introduction to Systems Psychodynamics

Social scientists David Marlow and Mannie Sher have released a new book Introduction to Systems Psychodynamics: Consultancy, Research and Training. The book provides an introduction to systems psychodynamic theory and its application to organisational consultancy, research and training, outlining systems dynamics methods and their historical and theoretical developments. The book gives an accessible and thorough […]

Recognise Corruption Workshop on October 9

RYD organises Recognise Corruption Workshop at Hietsun Paviljonki in Helsinki on 9th of October 2021 from 11 a.m. to 16 p.m. Registration is open till September 30.  The workshop is directed at politicians under 40 years of age. Please note that the upper age limit is flexible. Among those who have registered, 28 will be […]

RYD organizes a workshop studying its own group relations

A group is a dynamic almost ‘living’ element that changes its focus according to systems psychodynamic understanding between roles, boundaries, its ‘primary task’, identity, continuity and purpose and other themes significant for groups. The theory and practice of systems psychodynamic consists of three elements: The concept of open systems according to systems theory (Miller), Group […]

The workshop for young politicians is postponed

The workshop Recognize Corruption which was scheduled to take place in the beginning of November in Helsinki is postponed due to corona pandemic. The workshop is tentatively scheduled to February if it can be organized safely. The workshop is one of the five workshops to be held in 2021-2023 which focus on identifying and combating […]

Our bold initiative

The Kone Foundation has awarded a three-year grant to the think-tank Dynamics of Groups and Societies for the years 2020-2022 to explore the topic: How to recognize and prevent corruption from the point of view of dynamics of groups and societies. Responsible for the project is Dr. Anja Salmi. Other members of the think-tank include […]