Editorial board

Chief editor, chairman of the editorial board Anja Salmi

Anja Salmi is the Chairman of the Think Tank Dynamics of Groups and Societies and Chief Editor of National Dynamics. She holds a Post-Graduate Exam in Board Dynamics (Tavistock Institute). She is the CEO of the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic Egofunktio Ltd as well as a board member of the AGSLO Foundation and the FINOD Association. Anja has long-standing experience working on the topic of large group dynamics based on Kleinian psychoanalytic thinking.

Member of the editorial board Olli Sinivaara (PM)  är författare, översättare och expert i René Girards mimetiska teori. Den mimetiska teorin är en multivetenskaplig helhet som involverar psykosociala förhållanden mellan människor och våldets roll i olika samhällen och religioner. Sinivaara har översatt till finska Girards antropologiska magnum opus Våldet och det heliga. Han bidrar till tankesmedjan med analys av gruppdynamik och kollektivt handlande som härrör från Girards tänkande.

Member of the editorial board Satu Engblom  har arbetat inom vård- och kulturbranschen. Hon är intresserad av det förhållande konkreta platser, t.ex. byggnader, och fjärrnärvaro har till tänkande och praxis i gemenskaper. Vid tankesmedjan arbetar Satu som koordinator.


The authors inspect the Finnish society and the world by applying their views to resist the stagnation and the fragmentation of our society. We warmly welcome new authors. Scripts and suggestions can be sent to yhteiskuntien.dynamiikka@gmail.com.

The authors want to share their views and insights on Finland, its society and its people, and establish a connection with the wider world by applying those perceptions and by using them to influence matters in alignment with the purpose of the network.

Brissett Leslie

Doctor Leslie Brisset, PhD
Company Secretary and Principal Consultant
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

Hallamaa Jaana

Jaana Hallamaa is Professor of Social Ethics at the University of Helsinki. In her research she has dealt with e.g. questions of bioethics, the effects of change in values, and the ethics of working together. Hallamaa has extensive experience working in ethics committees in various fields (The National Advisory Board on Social and Health Care Ethics, Finnish National Board on Research Integrity, Council for Mass Media, The Ethical Committee for the Teaching Profession and the Ethics Committee of the Population Federation). At the think tank, her focus is in research development.

Huhtinen Aki-Mauri

Aki-Mauri Huhtinen, (LTC (GS), PhD) is a military professor at the Finnish National Defence University in the Department of Leadership and Military Pedagogy. His areas of expertise are military leadership, command and control, the philosophy of science in military organizational research and the philosophy of war. He has published peer-reviewed journal articles, a book chapter and books on information warfare and non-kinetic influence in the battle space. Aki-Mauri is a member of the editorial board of National Dynamics.

Högberg Britta

Britta Högberg, licensed psychologist, PhD in Pedagogy. She has been research leader at Stockholm City Council and lecturer at the Department of Education at Stockholm University. After retiring she has been worker as writer. She writes about professional competence and quality. Her book on the subject was released in 2016. She is one of the founders of AGSLO and served on the board for more than thirty years. She has also worked as staff member and director on group relation conferences in Sweden, Norway, England and USA.

Kovanen Pirjo

Pirjo Kovanen, Master of Education, teacher and a thinker. She has worked in developmental projects supported by the European Social Fund for developing practices for prevention of the exclusion of young people and to recognize and validate competencies. Her latest work has been to implement and develop services for young asylum seekers who have arrived in Finland without a guardian. Nowadays she and her family work as volunteer support persons for immigrant youngsters and she is currently studying to become a Special Education Teacher.

Kulmanen Marjukka

Marjukka Kulmanen is a Master of Social Sciences and a freelance journalist specializing on issues related to nature, natural resources and energy. She is familiar with protecting the built environment and preserving cultural heritage sites. She has led urban cultural and development projects.

Larsson Magnus

Magnus Larsson, licensed psychologist. PhD, works as an associate professor at the Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School, in Denmark. His research and teaching primarily covers leadership. He is also chairman of the swedish group relations organization AGSLO, and has participated as staff member on conferences in Sweden, Denmark, and at the Faroe Islands.

Linna Ari

Geologist-birdwatcher, likes interdisciplinary projects and spring.

Partanen Jenni

Jenni Partanen is an architect, urban planner and a doctor of technology who currently works at the University of Tampere. Her research interests are particularly in self-organizing economic and socio-cultural processes and mechanisms, in problematic of ubiquitous ‘programmable city’, and the possibilities of planning in controlling and forecasting the complex urbanity. Partanen teaches urban planning and design and GIS to architectural students on bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Partanen Leena

Leena Partanen is an engineer and she has been working as a consultant in the field of electro-technical trade for quite some time now.

Further, Leena is an author as well as an active member of writers’ groups. Leena nurtured her writing skills at Orivesi College, in summer and weekend courses at the Free Writing School, and in online courses at the Laajasalo College.

Pihkala Juha

I am Juha Pihkala, 75 years old, living in Tampere, a docent in Helsinki University, and retired from my position as bishop. Before that I was working as a priest in the congregation; later as Secretary General of Tampere bishopric, and finally as the director of the church education center.

In this millennium I have been chairman of the Pirkanmaa health care regions ethical advisory board. I write, read a lot (mainly non-fiction), and I translate classical Christian texts from Latin.

Pirhonen Veikka

Veikka Pirhonen is M.Sc (Econ.), CEO of VIBECO-Virtual Buildings Ecosystem Corporation and a leader of an energy technology project in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Pleijel Christian

Christian Pleijel is a resident of Kökar and works as a Program Director at the Royal Institute of Technology KTH in Stockholm. He chairs the Nordic Council of Minister’s archipelago cooperation and is much involved in issues related to long-term planning of water, sewage, energy and sea transport on islands. At work, he talks a lot, he likes to write and he likes to walk. He is fond of small things, things that are on growth, he grows his own potatoes and he works where he hangs his hat which is often on trains, buses and ferries – a large part of an islander’s life.

Rainio Elina

Elina Rainio has a MA of drama pedagogy and she is a work community coach and a licentiate of theatre pedagogics. She is also a pioneer of developing different working methods and storytelling in Finland. Elina has coached functionally different work communities for over 30 years and she works for Sillanrakentamo in Espoo. www.sillanrakentamo.com

Salmi Anja

Anja Salmi, MD, psychiatrist, is CEO of Psychiatric outpatient clinic Egofunktio Ltd, she has studied psychoanalytic organization dynamics since 1981 and a long term associate to Tavistock Institute (TIHR) in London. She has taken part in various happenings of group dynamics in different parts of the world, educated and consulted on these basis. She is the Chairman of the Editorial Board and the Chief Editor of the web magazine.

Sher Mannie

Doctor Mannie Sher, PhD
Director, Group Relations Programme
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

Svenn Heikki

Heikki Svenn is a retired engineer. He has worked as a consultant and as a designer and work manager at the Espoo Technical Centre. He has been a choir singer for thirty years.

Torkkola Sinikka

Sinikka Torkkola, PhD is a Senior Research Fellow at the Tampere University. She is specialized in health communication and health journalism. In her ongoing studies, she investigates the digitalization of the health care and influence of the social media on interactions between health experts and patients. Furthermore, she has done researches on health communication in the social media, health journalism, the theory of health communication, political journalism and gendered journalism.

Visakko Tomi

Tomi Visakko (PhD) is a researcher who hopes to understand human cultural behavior by drawing from anthropology, linguistics and semiotics. His current research interests revolve around roles in social interaction and specifically the kinds of cultural techniques, values and epistemic formations that operate in role socialization and self-transformation.

Väätti Ilkka

Ilkka Väätti is a Doctor of Arts (D.A) and a visual artist. He divides his time between painting, graphic design, building architectons, and research. He has years of experience as an art teacher in numerous educational establishments. Väätti was the last artistic director of Lahti’s Institute of Fine Arts between 2015 – 2016, before the college merged into the present-day LAB University of Applied Sciences.