Social Dreaming: Dreams in Search of a Dreamer

Franca Fubini International conference ‘Dream, Myth and Group’Rome, June 2002   A while ago I was called by a small firm to work on improving communication and cohesion between staff and managers at a time of crisis. Reality was that the existing staff was in the process of being selected because at least one third […]

Book Release: An Introduction to Systems Psychodynamics

Social scientists David Marlow and Mannie Sher have released a new book Introduction to Systems Psychodynamics: Consultancy, Research and Training. The book provides an introduction to systems psychodynamic theory and its application to organisational consultancy, research and training, outlining systems dynamics methods and their historical and theoretical developments. The book gives an accessible and thorough […]

How to Govern the Process of Change in Communities with the Help of a Search-Conference

Anja Salmi When change happens at present speed in our social, political, economical and ecological environment, it creates uncertainty, stress and fear to the ones who are influenced by it. Passive withdrawal conducts stagnation at the same time as our social environment is chaotic. Often individuals feel the situation irrelevant and estranger if the adaptation […]

Recognise Corruption Workshop on October 9

RYD organises Recognise Corruption Workshop at Hietsun Paviljonki in Helsinki on 9th of October 2021 from 11 a.m. to 16 p.m. Registration is open till September 30.  The workshop is directed at politicians under 40 years of age. Please note that the upper age limit is flexible. Among those who have registered, 28 will be […]

Punkaharju Art Up 2021 Discussed Hate Speech and Finnish Folk Poetry

Punkaharju Art Up 2021 festival held a discussion on hate speech and societal threats from the view point of Finnish folklore and Kalevala. Philosopher and member of RYD think tank Aki-Mauri Huhtinen participated in the discussion, which was held in Finnish on July 16. Other participants were documentarist Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen and parliamentarian Hussein al-Taee.