The social activity makes you to live longer and better

National Dynamics encourages its readers to vigilance in relation to their environment and its happenings.

Michael Howard:

The second circle

Published: 9.10.2008

This is good to know when you wish to influence matters

To make a difference you need networks, connections, co-operation and companions. No man rules alone.

CGP Grey:

Rules for rulers

Published: 24.10.2016

The speed of transformation in our society is increasing

This video pictures out the future, when the robots bring change into workplaces and professions. Read also Mannie Sher’s blog: What does redundancy to people. Are we prepared to a total change in the structure of professions or mass unemployment?

CGP Grey:

Humans Need Not Apply

Published: 13.8.2014

Jérémie Brunet:

Like in a dream – 3D fractal trip

Published: 22.4.2012

Fractal animation made with Mandelbulb3D. I originally designed it for Bryan Alvarez from UC Berkeley, for a TEDx talk about his Human Atlas project, to illustrate his initial dream about the beauty of living systems. This is a hybrid Julia fractal where many parameters are being animated: the fractal paramaters themselves, the Julia seed, the colors, and of course the camera position.