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Changing roles. movable boundaries

The noise of the foreign minister Soini taking part during his official visit to Canada in a meeting opposing abortion is an example how in the CAS systems the roles change continuously in moments. The borders between the roles are changeable but not necessary flexible.

YLE 4.6.2018
Kansainvälisen oikeuden asiantuntijat: Soinin toiminta kestämätöntä ulkopoliittisesti – harkinta petti osallistumisessa abortinvastaiseen tilaisuuteen
Uusi Suomi 31.5.2018
Timo Soinia ryöpytettiin aborttimarssista, jonka hän kiisti – Juha Sipilä: ”Näissä tilaisuuksissa ei olla ministerinä”



“The conference theme, (please specify either the theme or quote the title), resonates well with our Inter-Nordic national perspective. The focus is on  our need for tradition, maybe more than ever, as identity carriers, structure, container, etc.–and on how structures may influence for example  the search for new forms of cooperation in crossing boundaries. The argument covers different shades of fundamentalism while, at the same time, interrogating how new technology may lead and tend to chaotic and sometimes destructive forms. “From on-time to on-line and how the urgency for innovation seems to become more and more prominent,” says the conference director Björn Josefsson. Read more