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Here you can find all earlier blogs that have been published in our forum arranged by time, the authors surname and classified by the approach angle.

Primitive Wars & Corporate Battles: A New Way?

The human species has been struggling with how to live together peacefully for over a 2,000 years. On every continent and in every locality there is a story of a war, an uprising, a suppression and the countless numbers of bodies slaughtered and blood spilled in the process of winning or Read more

Blog topics: Continous imbalance, Continuity, Fragmentation, Human aggression, Insecurity, Interdependence, Movable boundaries, Unpredictability

Meeting the one who is ‘the other’

National identity has risen to be a topic particularly in the political rhetoric. What it consist of is difficult to define. The differences between the nations and the people can anyhow engender a rich starting point to creativity and innovations, if only we can be curious and respect the ones that we think are “the others”. Read more

Blog topics: Identity, Otherness